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US debit card program for Exchanges 

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Your customers want to spend their crypto as easily as using a debit card. PayAlt provides a simple turnkey solution: a crypto debit card program. Our US debit card program allows your customers to convert and spend their cryptocurrency, instantly, at over 44 million merchants or withdraw cash from over 3 million ATMs in 200 countries. 

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Manages Everything

Running a card program is complicated. PayAlt, using our patent pending technology and turnkey solutions, manages your program for you. Your customers can instantly convert and spend crypto using physical debit cards or the eWallet Shopping app. You can track usage and profitability. Scale your business with ease and stay ahead of the cryptocurrency trends.


Industry Pricing

PayAlt Business

PayAlt is able to offer the lowest industry pricing because we are the only program aggregator in the industry. Compare our pricing to the other guys

  • Program setup and implementation (6-8 weeks)

  • Ongoing program management

  • 24/7 phone support for cardholders

  • Chargeback and fraud management

  • Card fulfillment and security

  • KYC/AML verification and reporting

  • PII and PCI compliance

  • eWallet Shopping app setup

  •  Use of any cryptocurrency to load card*

  • Receive money every time your customers uses their card (from interchange fees)**

  • Tax reporting as needed

Payalt in Action

payalt action video

PayAlt is a user-friendly, turnkey solution for businesses and customers alike. Checkout the videos and see payAlt in action

  • Customer Ordering Physical Card
  • Customer Preloading Card
  • Customer making an online payment using eWallet Shopping app

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