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PayAlt is a safer, easier way for people to pay their bills directly and shop using virtual currencies. PayAlt offers a no cost solution whether you’re someone looking for a simple way to spend your crypto or a business looking for a simple way to accept crypto. We are already accepted by over 40,000,000 merchants world-wide. Don’t miss out. Join PayAlt today.
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You can now spend your crypto, everywhere. PayAlt converts your cryptocurrency to a debit card instantly, allowing you to pay with crypto on any website. Simply click PAY NOW and spend away:

  • Shop anywhere with cryptocurrency where VISA, MasterCard or IBANN is accepted online
  • Use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin to shop and pay bills
  • Make as many payments as your like – no limits or restrictions
  • Enjoy real time rate conversions at the time of payment to get best rates possible

PayAlt for your


At no cost, give your clients a simple, secure, and instant way to pay using crypto directly on your website.

  • No cost crypto POS
  • No minimum transactions or fees
  • Works for millions of crypto users
  • Simple website integration
  • Real-time transactions
  • All payments are processed through your current POS provider
  • Accepts over 6 coins
  • No payment or credit card required to enroll
  • Setup within minutes
PayAlt Business

Payalt in Action

payalt action video

PayAlt is a user-friendly crypto software solution for businesses and consumers alike. Checkout the video and see PayAlt in action. Benefits are:

  • Sync with various exchanges 
  • Generate onetime use debit card to spend in person or online
  • No fees, chargebacks or purchase fraud for users or businesses
  • No authentication required on the blockchain
  • Fully automated and handles all PII and regulatory compliance for businesses

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Get Started Now. Whether you want to make online shopping convenient for yourself or your clients, PayAlt is the ideal crypto software solution.

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