No Cost POS You can accept cryptocurrency payments at no cost using your existing POS system.

Fully Licensed

We license PayAlt software to a variety of businesses

Real-Time Transactions

Finalize real-time transactions using your existing POS system

Exchange Syncing

PayAlt can sync with any exchange, including Coinbase

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Clients can pay you using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin

PayAlt – For your business

At no cost, give your clients a simple, secure, and instant way to pay using crypto directly on your website.

  • No cost crypto POS
  • No minimum transactions or fees
  • Works for millions of crypto users
  • Simple website integration
  • Real-time transactions
  • All payments are processed through your current POS provider
  • Accepts over 6 coins
  • No payment or credit card required to enroll
  • Setup within minutes

Start Spending Crypto Now!

Get Started Now. Whether you want to make online shopping convenient for yourself or your clients, PayAlt is the ideal crypto software solution.

No download required. Get Started Now. 


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Payalt in action

PayAlt is a user-friendly crypto software solution for businesses and consumers alike. Give clients a way to pay their bills using virtual currency or shop your favorite merchants online or in-person by making real-time, instant purchases.

  • Scale your business with ease and stay ahead of the cryptocurrency trends
  • Avoid high fees, chargebacks, and purchase fraud
  • Sync with Coinbase, PayAlt’s trusted platform for buying, selling, and storing cryptocurrency
  • Customize the PayAlt bill pay software to work with an exchange, wallet, or currency