US debit card program with eWallet Shopping app

Turnkey Debit Card Program

We setup your program within weeks for a fraction of the normal cost.

Fully Managed

We manage the entire program for you, while you get paid on every purchase your customer makes. 

Real-Time Transactions

Avoid waits and setup a “Prefunding Account” so your customers can instantly convert crypto to fiat at checkout. 

Multiple Virtual Currencies Accepted

Allow your customers to use any listed token to fund their card account.

PayAlt – For your business

Give your customers a simple, secure, and instant way to make payments and shop using crypto directly from your Exchange.

  • Works at 44,000,000 merchants and 3,000,000 ATMs
  • No minimum transactions amount required
  • Seamless setup
  • Simple integration
  • Real-time transactions
  • Works with any virtual currency or token

Get Started Now!

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Payalt in action

PayAlt is a user-friendly, turnkey solution for businesses and customers alike. Checkout the videos and see payAlt in action.

  • Customer Ordering Physical Card
  • Customer Preloading Card
  • Customer making an online payment using eWallet Shopping app