Q: What is PayAlt?
A: PayAlt's Shopping Browser facilitates real-time transactions between virtual wallets and any merchant's point of sale systems.
Q: How does PayAlt work?

A: Online – Our patent pending technology converts your virtual currency into a credit card at checkout; then pays the merchant.

A: In-store – Coming Soon

Q: Are there fees?
A: Fees are included in the conversion rate.
Q: Do you offer a white label version of PayAlt's Shopping Browser?
A: Yes, we offer a white label version of our Shopping Browser, allowing any business to offer their clients the ability to shop with cryptocurrency anywhere online in real-time. For information about licensing our Virtual Wallet Shopping Browser, click here.
Q: Does PayAlt offer a crypto debit card program for Exchanges?
A: PayAlt is currently building a white label crypto debit card program for Exchanges and Wallets. This program will work in conjunction with our Shopping Browser allowing your users to both shop online or in-person using crypto. Click here to receive program updates.
Q: Do transactions happen in real-time?
A: Accounts sync'd to your Exchange happen in real-time. If you have not sync'd your account, it takes up to 3 hours to convert your crypto into a preloaded crypto credit card. Avoid the wait and sync your account now.
Q: What Exchanges does PayAlt sync with?
A: Currently, we sync with Coinbase. Additional Exchanges will be added shortly. Want to have your exchange sync'd with PayAlt for instant crypto payments too? Tell us .
Q: I can't sync my account, how do I preload a crypto credit card?
A: You only need to preload your crypto credit card if you can't sync your account. To preload your crypto credit card, click "Shop" at Login to the Shopping Browser and click "Preload Crypto Credit Card" in top left corner of the screen (look for the cash register icon). Enter how much you want to preload and click "Convert". Either scan the QR code or use the wallet ID to manually send crypto for conversion. You will receive an email when the crypto credit card is ready. This can take up to 3 hours.
Q: How do I use a preloaded crypto debit card once it is ready?
A: Once your crypto credit card is ready, login to Shopping Browser and shop like normal. At checkout, click "Pay" button at the bottom of your screen. Confirm the checkout amount is correct and click "Convert". We will instantly create a crypto credit card and input it as your payment method.
Q: What do I do if I didn't preload enough money to my crypto credit card?
A: If your payment amount is greater than what you converted, click "Preload Crypto Credit Card" again. The additional converted money will be added to your existing Crypto Credit Card balance. This may take up to 3 hours to complete.
Q: Why do manual transfers take up to 3 hours when sync'd accounts allow for Instant Shopping?
A: Manual transfers require multiple blockchain confirmation before conversion can be completed. Sync'd transactions don't require blockchain confirmation and happen immediately.
Q: What Exchanges does PayAlt sync with for Instant Payments?
A: Currently PayAlt is sync'd with Coinbase. We are in the process of adding additional Exchanges. Want to have your exchange sync'd with PayAlt for instant crypto payments too? Tell us
Q: What wallets can I use?
A: PayAlt works with any crypto wallet. However for instant payments, you must sync your PayAlt account with your Exchange. Click here for a list of Exchanges PayAlt can sync with.
Q: What crypto currency can I use to shop and pay bills?
A: PayAlt accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. However Exchanges that license our Shopping Browser can add additional coins of their choice.
Q: Can I shop and pay bills internationally?
A: Yes, PayAlt can be used internationally both online and in-store. As long as the merchant accepts credit cards, they accept PayAlt.


Apps and Recurring Payments
Q: Can I use PayAlt for recurring billing like Uber or subscriptions?
A: PayAlt creates one-time use crypto credit cards. They cannot be used repeatedly for subscriptions or recurring billing. We will be issuing reloadable and multi-use cards for recurring billing in the future.

Online Shopping
Q: How do I shop online with PayAlt?

A: Register and click "Shop". Login to the Shopping Browser and shop like normal. When the website asks for your credit card information, it's time to PayAlt! Press "Pay" at the bottom of your screen and convert your crypto into a credit card within seconds. Your new crypto credit card will automatically be entered into the website for checkout.

A: If you are using a preloaded crypto credit card, follow the above steps after your crypto credit card has been created.

Q: Do I have to register to us PayAlt?
A: Yes, you must register in order to access the PayAlt Shopping Browser.
Q: Do I have to sync PayAlt with my Exchange in order to use it?
A: No, you do not have to sync your Exchange with PayAlt. However if you do not sync your account, it takes up to 3 hours to convert your crypto into a preloaded crypto credit card. Preload your card now and go shopping using our Shopping Browser when it's ready! Or sync your account to shop immediately.
Q: When do I press the "Pay" button?
A: At checkout, when the merchant requests your payment method (eg credit card).
Q: Can I use PayAlt to send money through PayPal or Western Union?
A: Yes. Just use PayAlt's Shopping Browser to access those websites like normal and when the website requests your credit card information, click "Pay" and follow the prompts.

Shopper Policies
Q: How do I handle stopped payments, returns, exchanges, refunds or cancellations?
A: PayAlt does not process returns, exchanges, refunds, cancellations or any other aspect of your purchase beyond payment to the merchant. Contact the merchant directly to process any returns. Merchant and vendor policies apply.
Q: What if the merchant will only return the money to the credit card used at purchase?
A: Have the merchant return the funds to the credit card used at purchase and we will preload a new crypto credit card for you to use as soon as the funds arrive.
Q: Do I have to sync my Exchange with PayAlt?
A: You do not have to sync your Exchange with PayAlt. All transactions can be completed manually using QR codes or wallet addresses. However to make purchases and pay bills in real-time, you need to sync your Exchange with PayAlt. Only sync'd accounts do not require blockchain confirmation.
Q: Do I have to provide personal information to register with PayAlt?
A: Currently, we only request your billing address (that will be connected to the credit card used for your purchases), if you are over 18 and your name. These requirements may change in the near future.
Q: Is there a spending limit?
A: There are no daily or monthly spending limits. Single purchase spending limit is $25,000 per transaction.
Q: How do you calculate the conversion rate for payments?
A: Rates are automatically calculated through either our point of sale service or your Exchange. You will see the current conversion rates before converting your crypto to a credit card. This conversion rate includes all fees.
Q: How can I get my Exchange/Wallet signed up with PayAlt?
A: a. Email them and tell them to register with PayAlt. You can also click here and tell us which Exchange you would like to see added to our list next.

Q: Does PayAlt white label or license their Virtual Wallet Shopping Browser?
A: Yes, PayAlt licenses our Shopping Browser to a variety of business including crypto bill payment services, crypto rebate/reward programs and crypto specialty shopping websites. The program is compliant with US, European and Asia regulations and provides a low-cost, turn-key program without the regulatory oversight.
Q: Can we use our company's browser extension with PayAlt's Shopping Browser?
A: Yes, if your company uses browser extensions, such as rebate extension, they can be integrated in PayAlt's Shopping Browser.